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Award Categories

1 Corporate/Brand

1.1 Design and implementation costs over £100,000

1.2 Design and implementation costs under £100,000

2 Print

2.1 Corporate - Annual reports, fact books, corporate, recruitment and in-house communications

2.2 Consumer - Printed material as a product in its own right, such as a newspaper or product/services literature

2.3 Business-to-Business - Printed material promoting products or services to other business users.

3 Digital

3.1 Websites

3.2 Viral and Emarketing

3.3 Apps and mobile devices

3.4 Desktop application design

4 Packaging

4.1 Branded – Food

4.2 Branded – Drink

4.3 Branded – Other

4.4 Own Brand – Food

4.5 Own Brand - Drink

4.6 Own Brand – Other

4.7 Structural

5 Point of Sale

Products or services to aid consumer communication or awareness.

6 Product

6.1 Consumer - with design fees under £30,000

6.2 Consumer - with design fees over £30,000

6.3 Professional – with design fees under £30,000

6.4 Professional – with design fees over £30,000

7 Interiors

7.1 Office

7.2 Retail

7.3 Leisure

7.4 Other

8 Temporary Exhibitions & Experiential Environments

9 Museums, Galleries, Events & Visitor Attractions

10 External Communications

A category for design work that has used an integrated approach, working across a variety of media channels, to communicate a campaign

11 Internal Communications

A special category for any design project demonstrating effectiveness in internal communications related issues

12 Service Design

Design of the people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service, in order to improve the interaction between service provider and customers, enhancing the customer experience

13 Design Management

Rewarding outstanding examples of effective management where entrants can demonstrate success in overcoming exceptional hurdles to deliver significant commercial benefits, achieving organisational objectives and in gaining competitive advantage

14 Design for Society

A special category for all design projects which have used design to provoke positive change within society and improved the quality of people’s lives

15 Environment

For any design project demonstrating effectiveness in achieving environmentally related objectives. The benefits achieved can relate to the object designed or the influence the designed object has on people’s attitudes and/or behaviour

16 Information Design

For projects that have effectively used typography, graphic design, applied linguistics, applied psychology, applied ergonomics and other fields in a response to people's need to understand and use forms, legal documents, signs, computer interfaces, technical information and operating/assembly instructions.

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The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve.